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Testimonial from Sellers of Pro-Temp

Monday, April 25, 2016
After running Pro-Temp successfully for 30+ years, we decided that it was time to choose a partner to help us market our firm and prepare for the transaction.

Rua Associates’ preparation process was thorough and it allowed us to be well prepared. We felt ready when we went to market. The Rua team filtered out potential acquirers that were not a good fit and our time was better utilized meeting genuinely interested buyers.

Pankaj, our Rua advisor, was present at all our evening meetings with potential buyers to help with any questions and to assess each individual buyer’s personality.

The process of selling a business can be long and complex but Pankaj was able to provide us with good guidance along the way by interacting with potential buyers and working with our CPA to ensure the deal structure worked for us from a tax stand point. Rua Associates also worked with our attorney to fine tune the agreement wording and minimize legal fees.

We found the right buyer for our company who will keep it local and help the growth of our employees as well. The sale process took less than 6 months.

While selling a business through an advisor can be relatively expensive, it’s well worth the investment when one considers what’s at stake. Rua’s preparation procedure assisted us in understanding and determining the company value by preparing various seller offer scenarios that could occur so we were prepared to consider different letters of intent.

We would recommend Pankaj and the Rua Team to any business owner who is ready to exit his/her business or to plan for a transition that might be a few years away.

Cal VanHemert and John Moser
Former Owners of Pro-Temp, Inc. HVACR
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