The Rua Approach

 Developing a custom strategy begins with a complete understanding of the client's goals and objectives at an early stage. For sellers, we involve all the key decision-makers. This includes the spouse, family members and the client’s financial and legal advisors. For buyers, we focus on their unique business and financial objectives.

While there are many options for selling a business, Rua Associates starts by making sure we truly understand the company. Following our six-step process (including assessment, expectations, right team, negotiations, match-making, and closing), we give you the information you need to determine what the correct option you.

Our team of specialists with extensive transition experience  work closely with the client’s own legal and financial advisors. We develop or review key data on the company and market potential. We also assist in developing transaction scenarios that take into account the tax and financing concerns of both parties.

A major element of our custom strategy involves working closely with the client (you) and your advisors to determine how much information is to be shared and when to share it. This helps identify key points in the negotiations where vital information is needed from both parties.

As a result, both parties are prepared, ensuring a smoother negotiation process. We also identify barriers and work closely with the transaction team to overcome them in order to facilitate a successful closing.

"Once we put the business on the market, we had incredible momentum due to the upfront preparation and planning.  Throughout the process, Rua gave us great support and kept things moving forward. Their team approach and preparation was key to bringing the transaction to a successful close. "
Dean and Paula Smith, Former Owners of Speciality Heat Treating, Inc. 

Rua Associates Process Wheel
How do I get started?
If you're interested in selling your business, we encourage you to take our 8- Question Planning Assessment to help evaluate if you and your business are ready for a transition event. In our free intro meeting you will learn more about the tools and resources needed to successfully complete a transaction. To register for a confidential intro meeting please visit our Contact Page and fill out the general inquiries form. 

Once you decide to move forward after the intro meeting, we charge a modest fee to cover the time and work that we put into creating a custom strategy for a successful transaction. Once a client decides to pursue a transaction, we work on an industry standard success fee basis. 

We are so certain our approach works that we don’t need to charge hefty up-front fees or lock a client into a long-term contract.

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