East Coast Automotive Repair and Outdoor Power Equipment Sales & Service Company (RA 114)

East Coast Automotive Repair and Outdoor Power Equipment Sales & Service Company (RA 114)

Company Summary

This highly regarded sales and service Company has experienced rapid growth as the leading supplier in its region. The Company has 
a two-part focus – automotive service and outdoor power equipment sales and service. The automotive services division provides a 
full range of repairs and tire sales. The outdoor power equipment division has filled a void in the market with both sales and service. A 
reputation for expertise and a focus on customer service has contributed to strong brand identity and rapid sales growth. The owner is 
closely involved in daily operations but is transitioning his service-related functions to a key staff person. The sale of this Company 
offers an excellent opportunity for a buyer with a background in automotive or power equipment sales and services to obtain a 
growing enterprise or for a similar company to expand into a strong market area.

Growth Opportunities

Infrastructure in Place for Expansion – The Company operates from a modern facility, available as part of the purchase, that has room for 
growth. The building is in a high-profile, high-traffic location and includes up-to-date equipment for a full range of automotive service work. 

Market Dominance – The Company is the leading supplier in a large geographic area in its outdoor power equipment market category.

Investment Highlights

Excellent Brand Identity – The Company sells two of the leading outdoor power equipment product lines and enjoys extensive exclusive territories. 
And the Company name itself is highly regarded in its market area for the quality of its products and services.

Strong Repeat Customer Base – An emphasis on a quality service and shopping experience has generated a high level of repeat customers. Fleet 
business includes government contracts, and the shop is certified as a state inspection station.

2016 Revenue: $2,022,000

2016 EBITDA: $178,500

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