Michigan-Based Consulting Firm (RA133)

Michigan-Based Consulting Firm (RA133)

Company Summary

This Michigan Company has moved beyond mere website creation to partner with regional and national businesses to implement digital solutions 
for clients’ internal operations and customer interface applications. With an emphasis on creative exploration and integrating with the client’s team, 
the Company helps clarify business models and customer needs as well as identify operational problems. It then works closely with the client to bring 
fresh ideas for efficient and effective operations. This sale presents an opportunity for a similar firm to grow its abilities and client base or for a large 
organization to add new digital design capabilities that are in increasing demand in today’s marketplace. 

Growth Opportunities

New Market Potential – Expanded marketing efforts can reach new customers with the Company’s well-developed approach to problem solving. 
emote operations and communications allows the Company to serve clients located near or far. 

Packaged Services – By offering increased options for set packages of services, the Company has the opportunity to increase margin and decrease 
sales time in contrast to current highly customized services.

Investment Highlights

Experienced Staffing – Senior managers in the Company have lengthy resumes of accomplishments with the Company and in the design consulting 

Expertise in New Ventures – The Company brings a knowledge of the challenges and opportunities involved in new ventures, as well as experience in 
solving problems to take advantage of those opportunities.

Revenue: $1,200,000
Cash Flow: $225,000

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