Michigan-Based Manufacturing Services Company (RA115)

Michigan-Based Manufacturing Services Company (RA115)

Company Summary

This specialty services Company provides skilled trades work and project management for supplemental maintenance, fabrication, 
demolition or other short-term needs of manufacturing clients. An emphasis on personal attention and quality service has generated
 business relationships of a decade or more with leading Midwest manufacturers. The Company uses its own staff to provide services to
 manufacturers facing cyclical or one-time needs. This purchase opportunity is well-suited to a hands-on buyer with a background in 
manufacturing operations and an ability to relate to and respond to the varying needs of plant managers. The current owner is heavily 
involved in day-to-day operations and client relationships; he is available to provide a period of transition to new owner.

Growth Opportunities

Untapped Sales Potential – A dedicated sales effort able to explain the business concept could tap into extensive needs in the region’s growing 
manufacturing sector.

Broad-Based Business Model – The Company’s business model can be applied to serve needs of a wide range of manufacturing sectors. This 
Company can readily expand the kinds of services it provides to grow its markets and sales.

Investment Highlights

Stable Base of Customers – Current clients are large, well-established national and international manufacturers with on-going needs that this
 Company can continue to meet.

Minimal Facility Needs and Overhead – Almost all operations are done remotely, at client facilities, so Company overhead is minimal – a small 
office space is sufficient for administrative functions and rented storage is adequate for a small amount of equipment. Management operations 
are readily portable to a buyer’s new or existing office space.

2016 Revenue:                                             $ 371,000
2016 Owners Discretionary Earnings: $ 131,500

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