Pick-up Truck Aftermarket Product Manufacturer (RA118)

Pick-up Truck Aftermarket Product Manufacturer (RA118)

Company Summary

This is a fully patented new product ready for expanded distribution into the automotive aftermarket. This Pick-up Truck accessory also 
works well with the number one selling utility trailer. All engineering and testing, sourcing, fulfillment, processes and marketing materials are all 
finished.  The product has also been proven in the marketplace by responses to some key industry leaders as well as customers who love this 
new product. It has taken three years for the product to be fully ready for the marketplace. An easy to run company or product line that can 
be added with ease, this is an opportunity that is already generating revenue which will grow as the buyer sets up new distribution channels.

Growth Opportunities

Online Sales – The product has unlimited potential through online sales. Whether it is the Company’s own website, Amazon, or other online
 aftermarket suppliers the Company has proven that sales can be obtained through this channel.

Wholesale/Retail – There are many large wholesale companies in the automobile aftermarket. Also, many large and small Automobile aftermarket 
shops. Besides these, hardware and farm and fleet companies represent a great opportunity.

Big 3 – We worked with a high level GM employee to test and perfect this product. He felt it would be a great product for their pick-up trucks and 
could be included in a protection package. Establishing this is a long process but very rewarding with estimates of 1.3 million units/year

Investment Highlights

New Product Line – This product is fully ready to be marketed with all production, testing, sourcing, and marketing materials finalized. If you already 
have distribution set up, it would be easy to add this as an additional product line.
Utility Trailer – We have a size that fits perfectly with the most popular size of utility trailers which opens up another untapped market.

New Company – This product has not been fully marketed yet. It has just been marketed enough to prove it has great potential and people love the 
product. Everything in the company is ready to go including all sourcing, fulfillment, issued patent, accounting processes. Just need marketing plan.

Gross Profit Margin direct to consumer: 72%
Gross Profit Margin through distributors: 53%
# of units sold through existing channels: 700

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