Proprietary Jewelry Product Manufacturer and Distributor (RA120)

Proprietary Jewelry Product Manufacturer and Distributor (RA120)

Company Summary

This high-growth potential Company is a manufacturer and distributor of a patented one of a kind jewelry product. Although primarily marketed
towards the jewelry Industry, the opportunity exists for expansion into the $53 billion dollar wedding industry. The market for this product is 
global, and largely untapped in European markets. Currently the company has an established presence in US, Canada, and Japan. A recent 
product redesign has allowed their manufacturing to be fully outsourced while improving the product aesthetically and functionally. The 
current sales channels include retail distribution and online. Fulfillment is currently done in house and can be outsourced to further reduce 
overhead. Management of the business requires around 15 hours per week.

Growth Opportunities

Additional distribution channels - The company has created relationships with the wedding industry and has opportunities to expand through 
this $53 billion dollar industry.

Online Partnerships - The company's customers share the product online which often gets featured on local and national news. Companies 
from the wedding and jewelry industry are looking for ways to advertise to our customers and their friends.

International Sales – The Company is already responding to worldwide demand for their product.

Market Share– Currently the company is selling to a 1500 out of 2.5 Million potential customers. The ownership is currently involved full time 
in other activities and has not focused on growing their market share. A new owner can leverage this unique patented product to increase 
market share in this large market.

Investment Highlights

Patent Protected Product – Effective patents enable the Company to maintain premium pricing. All of the patents are renewable.

Continuous Product Improvement – The ownership of the Company has diligently invested time and resources into developing and improving their 
products and technology.

Fully Outsourced Manufacturing - Strong relationships with manufacturing has allowed the company to no longer oversee production of their 

Can Be Run Anywhere - This company does not have any essential ties to any given geographic location allowing it to be moved with no issue.

Forecasted 2017 Revenue: $115,000
Forecasted 2017 EBITDA: $62,000

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